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UnitPrefix object

Hold information about user-defined unit prefix


The SimBiology® unit prefix object holds information about user-defined unit prefixes. To create a unit prefix, create the unit prefix object and add the unit prefix to the library using the sbioaddtolibrary function.

Use the unit prefix object property Exponent, to specify the exponent of your unit prefix. See Property Summary for links to unit prefix object property reference pages.

Properties define the characteristics of an object. Use the get and set commands to list object properties and change their values at the command line. You can graphically change unit prefix object properties in the SimBiology desktop. For more information, see SimBiology Model Component Libraries.

Constructor Summary

sbiounitprefixCreate user-defined unit prefix

Method Summary

deleteDelete SimBiology object
displayDisplay summary of SimBiology object
findUsagesFind out how a unit or unit prefix is used
getGet SimBiology object properties
renameRename object and update expressions
setSet SimBiology object properties

Property Summary

ExponentExponent value of unit prefix
NameSpecify name of object
NotesHTML text describing SimBiology object
ParentIndicate parent object
TagSpecify label for SimBiology object
TypeDisplay SimBiology object type
UserDataSpecify data to associate with object

Version History

Introduced in R2008a