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MAB Modeling Guidelines

MathWorks® Advisory Board guidelines

MathWorks Advisory Board (MAB) guidelines stipulate important basic rules for modeling in Simulink® and Stateflow®. The overall purpose of these modeling guidelines is to allow for a simple, common understanding by modelers and consumers of control system models.

The main objectives of these guidelines are readability, simulation and verification, and code generation.

If you have a Simulink Check™ license, you can use the Model Advisor to check for compliance with a guideline. For more information, see: Model Advisor Checks for MAB Modeling Guidelines and Model Advisor Checks for JMAAB Modeling Guidelines.


  • Naming Conventions
    Signal line, block, and subsystem names
  • Simulink
    Simulink model diagram appearance, signals, blocks, and modeling patterns
  • Stateflow
    Stateflow chart appearance, data and operations, events, and patterns
    MATLAB® Function appearance, data, patterns, and use