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Aircraft Longitudinal Flight Control

This example shows how to model flight control for the longitudinal motion of an aircraft. First-order linear approximations of the aircraft and actuator behavior are connected to an analog flight control design. The analog Controller subsystem:

  • Uses the pilot stick pitch command as the set point for the aircraft pitch angle

  • Uses the aircraft pitch angle and pitch rate to determine controller commands

To perturb the system, the model implements a simplified Dryden Wind Gust Models subsystem.


To instrument your model without adding blocks, consider using the Viewers & Generators Manager. To open the manager, on the Simulation tab, in the Prepare section, select Viewers Manager. In this example, the Viewer & Generators Manager is configured to log two signals, Stick and alpha, to the Scope block named Scope1.

The slexAircraftData.m file stores model parameters. The model loads slexAircraftData.m into the model workspace. To view and edit model workspace data, use the Model Explorer. To open the explorer, on the Modeling tab, in the Design section, select Model Explorer.

To run the simulation, click Run. The Scope1 block displays the Stick and alpha signals.


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