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Generate Linear Models at Predetermined Times

This example shows how to use the Timed-Based Linearization block to generate linear models at predetermined times.

In this model, the Linearization time of the Timed-Based Linearization block is set to [2 5]. On the Data Import/Export pane of the Model Configuration Parameters dialog box, the States and Time check boxes are selected. These settings enable you to get the states of the model at the simulation times of 2 and 5 seconds.

After simulating the model, the following variables appear in the MATLAB workspace:

  • ex_f14_linearization_Timed_Based_Linearization

  • tout

  • xout

To get the indices to the operating point times, execute the following command:

ind1 = find(ex_f14_linearization_Timed_Based_Linearization(1).OperPoint.t==tout);

To get the state vectors at the operating points, execute the following command:

ind2 = find(ex_f14_linearization_Timed_Based_Linearization(1).OperPoint.t==tout);