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Index Options with the Selector Block

This example shows two Selector blocks with the same kind of input signals, but two different Index Option settings.

Both Selector blocks select 7 values from the input signal that feeds the input port. The Selector1 block outputs a fixed-size signal, whereas the Selector2 block outputs a variable-size signal whose compiled signal dimension is 10 instead of 7.

The Selector1 block sets Index Option to Index vector (port), which uses the input signal from Constant1 as the index vector. The dimension of the input signal is 7, so the Display block shows the 7 values of the Constant1 block. The Selector2 block sets the Input port size parameter to 10, which is the size of the largest input signal to the Selector2 block.

The Selector2 block also sets the Index Option to Starting and ending indices (port). The output is then set to the size of Input port size parameter (10), even though the size of the input signal is 7.