Model configuration set


Use the ConfigSet object to access a model configuration set. Get information about your configuration set, manage configuration parameters, and manage components.


Use the getActiveConfigSet function to get the active configuration set for a model. Use the getConfigSet function to get a model configuration set by name.


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Components of the configuration set, specified by a cell array of Simulink.ConfigComponent objects.

Description of the configuration set, specified as a character vector. Use the description to provide additional information about a configuration set, such as its purpose.

Name of the configuration set, specified by a character vector. This name represents the configuration set in the Model Explorer.

Object Functions

attachComponentAttach a component to a configuration set
copyCopy a configuration set
getComponentGet a configuration set component
get_paramGet parameter names and values
set_paramSet system and block parameter values


Get the Active Configuration Set for a Model

This example gets the active configuration set of the currently selected model.

hCs = getActiveConfigSet(gcs);

Introduced in R2006a