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Configure Board Parameters and Enable MAT-File Logging

To save signals on the Android® device, the device details must be specified, and the MAT-file logging option must be selected.

  1. In your model window, open the Configuration Parameters dialog box, go to the Hardware Implementation pane, and select the name of the hardware from the Hardware board list.

  2. In the Hardware board settings pane, expand Target hardware resources and select Device options.

  3. From the Device list, select your Android device. If your device is not listed, click Refresh.


    If your device is not listed even after clicking the Refresh button, ensure that you have enabled the USB debugging option on your device. To enable USB debugging, enter androidhwsetup in the MATLAB® Command Window and follow the onscreen instructions.

  4. In the Configuration Parameters dialog box, go to Code Generation > Interface and expand Advanced parameters, or type MAT-file logging in the search box.

  5. Select the MAT-file logging option.

  6. From the MAT-file variable name modifier list, select an option to add rt_ as prefix or _rt as suffix to the variable name in the MAT-file. To use a variable name without any modification, select none.

  7. Click Apply to save your changes, and then click OK.