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Change Source Control

Changing source control is useful when you want to create a new local repository for testing and debugging.

  1. Prepare your project by checking for any updates from the existing source control tool repository and committing any local changes.

  2. Save your project as an archive without any source control information.

    On the Project tab, click Share > Archive. Click Save As and specify a file path and name in the File name field.

    By default, the archive is a .mlproj file. You can choose to archive your project as a .zip file. Click Save to create the project archive.

  3. On the Project tab, click New, and then in the start page, click Archive to create a new project from the archived project.

  4. On the Project tab, in the Source Control section, click Use Source Control.

  5. Click Add Project to Source Control and then select a new source control. For details, see Add a Project to Source Control.


To avoid accidentally committing changes to the previous source control, delete the original sandbox.

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