Display Signal Attributes at Model Load Time

When working with multiple model components in large models, consider displaying signal attributes at load time without compiling the model. To enable the display, on the Dubug tab, select Information Overlays > Port Data Type, and then save the model. The next time you load the model, it displays the data type and complexity signal attributes.

You can use the ShowPortDataTypes property to toggle the display of the data type and complexity signal attributes:


The ShowLineDimensions and ShowPortUnits properties then display dimensions and units at load time.

These blocks are a subset of the blocks that support the display of signal attributes:

For example, this model has the display of port data types disabled.

And this is the same model after enabling the display of port data types.


To display port dimensions and values for a compiled model, you can use the CompiledPortDimensions parameter. For details, see Get Compiled Port Dimensions.

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