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Fix Unresolved Library Links

If Simulink® is unable to find either the library block or the source library on your MATLAB® path during a linked block update, the link becomes unresolved. Simulink changes the appearance of these blocks.

The block icon indicates that the library is not found.

Install Missing Product

Simulink helps you find and install missing products that a model needs to run.

  • Blocks are labeled with missing products (for example, SimEvents not installed).

  • Tooltips include the name of the missing product.

  • Diagnostic messages provide links to open the Add-On Explorer and install any missing products.

  • When you double-click the block, the dialog box provides a link to open the Add-On Explorer and install any missing products.

The block icon, tooltip, diagnostic messages, and dialog box describe the missing product.

Resolve Path to Source Block

If Simulink is unable to find the library, you can fix the unresolved link using one of these methods:

  • Fix the reference to point to the correct location of the library block. Double-click the block to open its dialog box. Then, correct the path of the library block in the Source block text box and click OK.

  • Delete the unresolved block and copy the library block back into your model.

  • Add the folder that contains the required library to the MATLAB path. Then, on the Modeling tab, click Update Model.

The block icon, tooltip, diagnostic message, and dialog box describe the failure to load the library.

Specify Unresolved Block Details for Custom Libraries

You can set a custom message for a library that is displayed in a dialog box when there is an unresolved link associated with a block from that library.

Use the set_param function to set the LibraryInfo parameter that describes the unresolved link for a library EVlib.

set_param('EVlib', 'LibraryInfo',...
'To download the library, visit');

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