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Log Signal Data That Uses Units

To have logged data include the units specified for signals, use the Dataset or Timeseries logging format, which stores logging information in MATLAB® timeseries objects.

Signal logging uses Dataset format. Output logging (Configuration Parameters > Data Import/Export > Output) uses Dataset as the default format. The default save format for the To File and To Workspace blocks is Timeseries.

If you use Dataset or Timeseries format for signal logging or for To File block or To Workspace block logging, the logged data includes units information.

To capture units information for output logging:

  1. Set the Format configuration parameter to Dataset.

  2. In the Block Parameters dialog box for Outport blocks for which you want to capture units information, set the Unit parameter to match the units of the input signal.

For example, in this model the In1 block has its Unit parameter set to newton and In2 block uses m (meters). Open the model. After you simulate the model, you can see the units for the logged data.

  • You can view the units in the signal logging data for signal1 of the bus signal b.

      Package: tsdata
      Common Properties:
                   Units: newton (Simulink.SimulationData.Unit)
           Interpolation: linear (tsdata.interpolation)
  • You can view the units in the data logged in the To Workspace block.

    ans = 
      Units with properties:
        Name: 'm'

This example model shows how to view the data logged in a Time Scope block. Open the model.

To use the Time Scope block to log data, in the scope select Configuration Properties > Logging > Log data to workspace and specify a variable (ScopeData in this example). The In3 block uses m (meters). Simulate the model and then at the MATLAB command line, enter:

ans = 

  Units with properties:

    Name: 'm'

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