ModelAdvisor.Table class

Package: ModelAdvisor

Create table


Instances of the ModelAdvisor.Table class create and format a table. Specify the number of rows and columns in a table, excluding the table title and table heading row.


ModelAdvisor.TableCreate table


getEntryGet table cell contents
setColHeadingSpecify table column title
setColHeadingAlignSpecify column title alignment
setColHeadingValignSpecify column title vertical alignment
setColWidthSpecify column widths
setEntriesSet contents of table
setEntryAdd cell to table
setEntryAlignSpecify table cell alignment
setEntryValignSpecify table cell vertical alignment
setHeadingSpecify table title
setHeadingAlignSpecify table title alignment
setRowHeadingSpecify table row title
setRowHeadingAlignSpecify table row title alignment
setRowHeadingValignSpecify table row title vertical alignment

Copy Semantics

Handle. To learn how this affects your use of the class, see Copying Objects (MATLAB) in the MATLAB® Programming Fundamentals documentation.