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Load and Verify a Custom Configuration

You can load a custom configuration for use in the Model Advisor. Once you have verified that the custom configuration displays the folders and checks that were specified by using the Model Advisor Configuration Editor, you can set it so that the Model Advisor use that configuration every time you open the Model Advisor.

Before you load the configuration, use Advisor.Manager.refresh_customizations to update your Simulink® environment. See Update the Environment to Include Your Custom Configuration

  1. In the Modeling tab, select Model Advisor to open the Model Advisor.

  2. Select Settings > Load Configuration. If you see a warning that the Model Advisor report corresponds to a different configuration, click Load to continue.

  3. In the Open dialog box, navigate to and select the configuration file that you want to edit.

  4. Click Open.

    Simulink reloads the Model Advisor using the new configuration; observe that the name of the configuration file is identified at the top of the window.


    The Model Advisor automatically warns you of checks that are missing when loading a Model Advisor configuration. To suppress this warning, see Suppress Warning Message for Missing Checks.

  5. Browse the content of the Model Advisor to verify that the folders and checks specified in the custom configuration file are displayed. If you expect a folder or check to appear in the Model Advisor and it does not, see Use the Model Advisor Configuration Editor to Customize the Model Advisor and Update the Environment to Include Your Custom Configuration.

  6. To instruct the Model Advisor to use this configuration, select Settings > Set Current Configuration as Default.

You can also use the ModelAdvisor.setDefaultConfiguration function to programmatically specify the default configuration used by the Model Advisor.