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Online Frequency Response Estimation

Real-time estimation of frequency response of physical plant

Simulink® Control Design™ lets you measure the frequency response of your system in operation. The block performs an experiment that injects signals into the plant and measures the plant output. If you have a code-generation product such as Simulink Coder™, you can generate code that implements the estimation algorithm on hardware. Deploying the algorithm to hardware lets you measure the frequency response of a physical plant in real time. To get started, see Online Frequency Response Estimation Basics.


Frequency Response EstimatorEstimate plant frequency responses during simulation or in real time


Online Frequency Response Estimation Basics

The Frequency Response Estimator block lets you measure the frequency response of a system in operation.

Online Estimation Using Plant Modeled in Simulink

Use the Frequency Response Estimator block to estimate the frequency response of a plant modeled in Simulink while the model is running.

Deploy Frequency Response Estimation Algorithm for Real-Time Use

Deploy online frequency response estimation as a standalone application for real-time tuning against your physical system.

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