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Specify Optimization Options

After you configure design variables and design requirements for response optimization in Response Optimizer, you can specify additional options for the optimization process.

To specify these options, in the Response Optimization tab, click Options and select an option to open the Response Optimization Options dialog box.

Response Optimizer Options dialog box, showing the General tab. The dialog box also includes Optimization, Parallel, and Linearization tabs.

The tabs provide various options to configure the optimization.

  • General — Options relating to app behavior during and at conclusion of the optimization.

  • Optimization — Options relating to the optimization method, algorithms, and termination.

  • Parallel — Options relating to the use of parallel computing during optimization. For details, see Optimize Design Using Parallel Computing (GUI).

  • Linearization — Options relating to linearization of the model.

In each tab, click Help for additional information about the available options.

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