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Troubleshoot Instance-Specific Parameters Not Saved

The saveParamSet function does not save instance-specific parameters and parameters that have custom storage classes to a MAT file for loading by using the loadParamSet function. When I use the saveParamSet function on a model that contains only instance-specific parameters, I get an error message.

Error using slrealtime.Target/saveparamset
TargetPC1: Error writing file

What This Issue Means

The saveParamSet function saves parameters that appear in the rtP structure of the model. Instance-specific parameters and parameters with custom storage classes are global variables that are not by default represented in the rtP structure.

Try This Workaround

You can use the saveParamSet function to save parameter sets from models that include instance-specific parameters or parameters that have custom storage classes. But, these parameters do not appear in the saved parameter set.

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