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Class: slreq.Link
Package: slreq

Check if the link destination is resolved


tf = isResolvedDestination(myLink)


tf = isResolvedDestination(myLink) checks if the destination of the link myLink is resolved.

For a link to be resolved, you must be able to navigate to the source item and to the destination item. If the source, destination, or both are not available, the link is unresolved. The source or destination items can be unavailable because:

  • The design artifact that contains the source or destination item is not loaded. For example, if you load a requirement set that has incoming links from a Simulink® model, this also loads the link set that belongs to the model. However, if you do not load the Simulink model, the links are unresolved because the link sources are not available.

  • The design artifact loaded, but the specified ID does not exist. For example, if you delete a linked requirement, the link becomes unresolved because the stored ID no longer corresponds to a valid item.

If a link is unresolved because the specified ID does not exist, it is a broken link.

Input Arguments

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Handle to a link, specified as an slreq.Link object.

Output Arguments

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The destination resolution status of the slreq.Link object, returned as a Boolean.


Check if Link Destination is Resolved


ans =



Version History

Introduced in R2019a