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Rules for Using Complex Data in C Charts

Complex data is data whose value is a complex number. For example, in a Stateflow® chart in Simulink® model, an input signal with the value 3 + 5i is complex. See Complex Data in Stateflow Charts.

These rules apply when you use complex data in Stateflow charts that use C as the action language.

 Do not use complex number notation in actions

 Do not perform math function operations on complex data in C charts

 Mix complex and real operands only for addition, subtraction, and multiplication

 Do not define complex data with constant scope

 Do not define complex data with ml, struct, or boolean base type

 Use only real values to set initial values of complex data

 Do not enter minimum or maximum values for complex data

 Assign complex values only to data of complex type

 Do not pass real values to function inputs of complex type

 Do not use complex data with temporal logic operators

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