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Nonlinear Models

Nonlinear regression with multiple predictor variables


NonLinearModel Nonlinear regression model class


fitnlm Fit nonlinear regression model
disp Display nonlinear regression model
feval Evaluate nonlinear regression model prediction
predict Predict response of nonlinear regression model
random Simulate responses for nonlinear regression model
dummyvar Create dummy variables
hougen Hougen-Watson model
statset Create statistics options structure
statget Access values in statistics options structure
nlinfit Nonlinear regression
nlintool Interactive nonlinear regression
nlparci Nonlinear regression parameter confidence intervals
nlpredci Nonlinear regression prediction confidence intervals

Examples and How To

Nonlinear Regression Workflow

Import data, fit a nonlinear regression, test its quality, modify it to improve the quality, and make predictions based on the model.

Pitfalls in Fitting Nonlinear Models by Transforming to Linearity

This example shows pitfalls that can occur when fitting a nonlinear model by transforming to linearity.


Nonlinear Regression

Parametric nonlinear models represent the relationship between a continuous response variable and one or more continuous predictor variables.

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