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Provision Your Apple iOS Device

An Apple iOS device requires the device be registered and configured to allow the upload of custom apps. The process of registering and configuring your device is known as provisioning.

The following steps show how to provision your Apple iOS as part of the Hardware Setup process.

  1. From the Hardware Setup process, make note of the type of developer account you selected. Steps in the provisioning process require information on your enrollment status in the Apple Developer Program.


    You do not need to enroll or be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program to use the Simulink® Support Package for Apple iOS Devices.

  2. In the Xcode IDE, select TestApp from the project list in the sidebar.

  3. In the Identity section, select the Team field.

  4. Press Add an Account in the dropdown menu.

  5. On the preferences panel that appears, log in using the same Apple ID you provided during the Hardware Setup.

  6. When Xcode IDE completes the login process, confirm that your Role is listed as Free, Member, or Agent. Close the Accounts window.


    If you are using a Free developer account, then only one app can be deployed to your device at a time.

    To use an Apple Paid Developer Account, select Member or Agent as the Role.

  7. Your selected Team appears in the Signing section of the Xcode project. Make note of the Team choice, the hardware setup requires this information to complete successfully. If you are using Xcode 8 or higher, proceed to Step 12. Otherwise, continue to step 8.

  8. (Xcode 7) Observe the following warning:


    If the warning does not appear, the device may already be provisioned. In this case proceed to Step 12 of this provisioning guide.

  9. (Xcode 7) Press Fix issue and prompt Xcode IDE to communicate with Apple servers.

  10. (Xcode 7) Xcode IDE asks some additional questions regarding the following:

    • Request for certificates

    • Adding your device to the portal

    • Generating and downloading your provisioning profile.

    Answer Yes to these questions.

  11. (Xcode 7) When complete, the warning and Fix issue button disappears.

  12. Press the Run button in the top of the Xcode IDE window.


    If you are using the Apple Free Developer Account, you must grant permissions on the device for apps to be deployed using your developer account.

  13. If your device is successfully provisioned, the app runs on your Apple iOS device. You can now continue with installation of the support package.

  14. If the app fails to start on your Apple iOS device, see instructions provided in the Provisioning Guide provided by Apple.

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