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IP Camera Image Acquisition

Acquire images from IP cameras

You create an ipcam object and then use the snapshot function to acquire images from an IP camera. You can acquire a single image or set up a loop to acquire multiple images. Use the preview function to test the camera stream.


ipcamCreate ipcam object to acquire images from an IP camera
previewPreview live video data from IP camera
snapshotAcquire single image frame from an IP camera
closePreviewClose IP camera preview window

Examples and How To

Acquire Images from IP Cameras

This example shows how to use the snapshot function to acquire one image frame from an IP camera and display it.

Acquire IP Camera Images in a Loop and Create an AVI File

This example shows how to acquire multiple image frames from an IP camera, and log the images to an AVI file using MATLAB® VideoWriter.

Set Properties for IP Camera Acquisition

You can set the Timeout property during or after object creation. You can set device-specific properties using the webread function.

Acquire Images from an IP Camera Android App

This example shows how to use your Android phone as an IP camera and acquire images from it.

Detect Circles from IP Camera Using Image Processing Toolbox

This example shows how to detect circles from images acquired on the IP camera using Image Processing Toolbox functions.


IP Camera Acquisition Overview

You can use the Internet Protocol (IP) Camera support to bring live images into MATLAB from any IP Camera that supports Motion JPEG stream over HTTP or RTSP with basic authentication support.