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Open Block Library for the Simulink Coder Support Package for STMicroelectronics Nucleo Boards

You can open the STMicroelectronics® Nucleo Boards block library in two ways.

  1. At the MATLAB® Command prompt - This approach is quick, but does not display the other Simulink® block libraries that are available.

    In the Command Window, enter stmnucleorootlib.

    The STM Nucleo library opens.


    You can click on the Common block or the Utilities block icons in this window to open the blocks from the respective block libraries.

    In the Command Window, enter stmnucleolib.

    The STM Nucleo Common block library opens.

    In the command window, enter nucleoutilitieslib.

    The STM Nucleo Utilities block library opens.

  2. By using the Simulink Library Browser - Open a Blank Simulink model.

    On the Simulink® Editor toolbar, click the Library Browser


    In the Simulink Library Browser, locate and select the Simulink Coder™ Support Package for STMicroelectronics Nucleo Boards on the library pane. The blocks available for the support package appear on the right pane of the Simulink Library Browser.


    For Arduino Uno R3 compatible boards, the pins D0-D15 can be accessed with 0-15 and pins A0-A5 can be accessed with 16 to 21. Other pins on the board are not supported.