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Installation and Setup

Install hardware support, set up prerequisites, configure hardware connection

With MATLAB® Coder™ Support Package for NVIDIA® Jetson® and NVIDIA DRIVE® Platforms you can:

  • Build a MATLAB algorithm that loads and runs an executable on NVIDIA DRIVE or Jetson hardware.

  • Remotely communicate with the NVIDIA target and control the peripheral devices for prototyping.

To get this support package, perform the steps described in Install Support Package for NVIDIA Hardware.


Install Support Package for NVIDIA Hardware

Installation instructions for NVIDIA hardware support.

Install and Setup Prerequisites for NVIDIA Boards

Install MathWorks® and third-party products, set up environment variables for tools, compilers, and libraries.

Install and Set Up ROS Package on NVIDIA Hardware

Installation and set up instructions for ROS on NVIDIA hardware.

Setup Virtual CAN Interface

Setup virtual CAN interface before configuring CAN Transmit and CAN Receive blocks.

Serial Port Mapping for NVIDIA Jetson Boards

Identify the port names for the serial ports on NVIDIA Jetson boards.

Run Linux Commands on NVIDIA Hardware

Run Linux® commands on NVIDIA DRIVE and Jetson hardware.

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