Find and report status for all USRP® devices connected to host computer




A=findsdru() returns a structure array, A, that contains the IP addresses of all the USRP®[1] devices connected to the host computer. This function also returns the status of each radio.

The Status field of the structure A can hold one of the messages described in the following table.

Status messageMeaning
SuccessDevice is available.
No devices foundNo USRP® devices found.
Not compatibleDevice with incompatible firmware. To communicate with this device, you must update the firmware to the version returned by the function getSDRuDriverVersion(). See USRP® Radio Firmware Update.
Not responding

Device not responding. It could mean one of the following:

  • The device may not be attached to the computer.

    If you are having an Ethernet connectivity problem, see Check Ethernet Configuration.

  • There may not be a device with the specified IP address.

  • The subnet address of the host computer may not match the subnet address of the device (the subnet address is the third field of the IP address). For example, your NIC may have an IP address of, while the USRP® radio may have an address of Notice the difference in the third octet.

    Check that the subnet value of the host and radio are the same. See Check Subnet Values on Host and Radio.

  • The specified serial number may be invalid.

Busy Device is in use. The device is already owned by a block, block dialog, or System object™.
Unknown errorUnknown problem.

A=findsdru(IPADDRESS) returns a structure, A, that contains the status of the USRP® device at IPADDRESS.

A=findsdru(SERIALNUM) returns a structure, A, that contains the status of the USRP® device with SERIALNUM.


Get the IP address or serial number and status of each USRP® radio connected to the host.

x = findsdru()
x = 

1x3 struct array with fields:

ans = 

     Platform: 'B210'
    IPAddress: ''
    SerialNum: 'ECR04ZDBT'
       Status: 'Success'
ans = 

     Platform: 'X310'
    IPAddress: ''
    SerialNum: 'F4BF0D'
       Status: 'Success'
ans = 

    Platform: 'USRP2'
    IPAddress: ''
    SerialNum: '873'
       Status: 'Success'

[1] USRP, USRP2, UHD, and Ettus Research are trademarks of National Instruments Corp.