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Class: soc.sdk.BoardSupport
Package: soc.sdk

Add new deployer to board support object


deployerObj = addNewDeployer(boardSupportObj,name)


deployerObj = addNewDeployer(boardSupportObj,name) creates and adds deployerObj, an soc.sdk.Deployer object, to boardSupportObj, an soc.sdk.BoardSupport object.

Input Arguments

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BoardSupport object, specified as an soc.sdk.BoardSupport object, defines a hardware board that you can use with the SoC Blockset™ features.

Name for the Deployer object, specified as a character vector. The method assigns this value to the Name property of the Deployer object, deployerObj.

Example: "MyDeployer"

Data Types: string | char

Output Arguments

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Deployer object, returned as an soc.sdk.Deployer object. This object references the deployment configuration and tools.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b