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Hardware and Software Co-Design

Prototype algorithms on Zynq® devices using HDL Coder™ and Embedded Coder®

After you design and validate a pixel-streaming video processing algorithm in Simulink®, you can target the design to the FPGA on the Zynq board, and generate embedded ARM® code that interacts with the FPGA. You can route the video data to the ARM processor, and control AXI-Lite registers connected to the FPGA control logic.


Video Capture (software interface)Capture video to ARM processor on a Zynq-based video system


visionzynqConnect to Zynq hardware


changeFPGAImageLoad image from on-board SD card into FPGA
downloadImageWrite image file to on-board SD card and load into FPGA


Create Model Using Simulink Templates

Get started with a model configured for video processing.

Zynq Video Dataflow

Learn about the video data path through the Zynq board.

Target FPGA on Zynq Hardware

FPGA targeting workflow using HDL Workflow Advisor.

Generate FPGA User Logic with AXI4-Stream Video Interface

This example shows how to select an AXI4-Stream Video interface for your generated FPGA user logic.

Target an ARM Processor on Zynq Hardware

Design and deploy algorithms to the ARM processor.

Models Generated from FPGA Targeting

Run Simulink models that interact with the deployed algorithms running on the FPGA.

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