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Manage Interfaces

Specify information flow between components, save and reuse specifications

An interface defines the type, dimensions, units, and structure of the data. You can define interfaces saved with the model, or in a data dictionary to be used across models.


systemcomposer.createDictionaryCreate data dictionary
linkDictionaryLink data dictionary to an architecture model
unlinkDictionaryUnlink dictionary from a model
addInterfaceCreate a named interface in an interface dictionary
removeInterfaceRemove a named interface from an interface dictionary
getInterfaceGet the object for a named interface in an interface dictionary
getInterfacesGet the object for a named interface in an interface dictionary
addElementAdd a signal interface element
removeElementRemove a signal interface element
getElementGet the object a signal interface element
destroyRemove and destroy a model element


Define Interfaces

Specify interfaces between components with data types, dimensions, and units.

Assign Interfaces to Ports

Associate a port with an interface using Property Inspector.

Save and Link Interfaces

Use interface definitions across models.