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Pivot Between Lifelines and Components in Views Gallery

This example shows how to use the pivot feature in the Architecture Views Gallery tool to transition between diagrams with your chosen lifeline or component selected.

1. Open the traffic light example and then launch the Architecture Views Gallery.

model = systemcomposer.openModel("TLExample");

2. Create a new view called All Components.

view = createView(model,"All Components");

3. Import the query namespace. Add a query to select all components from the model, then add the query to the view.

import systemcomposer.query.*

4. On the All Components component diagram view, select the switch component.

Selected switch component on the All Components view.

5. From the Architecture Views Gallery toolstrip, in the Views tab, select Pivot. Then, select the PedestrianCross sequence diagram to pivot from the switch component to the switch lifeline that represents the component.

The switch lifeline is selected on the Archtiecture Views Gallery in the Sequence Diagram tab.

You have navigated from the All Components component diagram view to the PedestrianCross sequence diagram to interact with the same entity.

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