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Display Component Hierarchy Using Hierarchy Views

This example shows how to use hierarchy views to visualize component hierarchy as a tree diagram with component stereotypes, stereotype properties, and the reference type a component instantiates.

Any component diagram view can be optionally represented as a hierarchy diagram. The hierarchy view displays the components in tree form. The hierarchy view shows the same set of components visible in the component diagram view, and the components displayed in the view are selected and filtered in the same way.

This example uses an architecture model representing a keyless entry system for a vehicle to show the hierarchy view. For more information about the keyless entry system, see Modeling System Architecture of Keyless Entry System.

Switch Between Component Diagram and Hierarchy Diagram

  1. To open the scKeylessEntrySystem project, use this command.

  2. To open the architecture views, on the Modeling tab, select Architecture Views.

  3. From the View Browser, select Software Component Review Status to display the component diagram.

    Custom component diagram view of architecture model.

  4. On the Views tab, select Hierarchy diagram.

    Hierarchy diagram button

  5. Observe the Hierarchy View that corresponds to the same set of components.

    Hierarchy View that corresponds to the components in the component diagram.

The single root of the hierarchy diagrams show a single root, which is the view specification itself. The root corresponds to the containing system box shown in the component diagram. The connections in the hierarchy diagram originate from the child components and end with a diamond symbol at the parent component.

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