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Message Database

Database definition association for CAN messages, new database message creation

Vehicle Network Toolbox™ allows you to use a Vector CAN database file that contains definitions of CAN messages and signals. Using the information defined in the database file, you can look up message and signal information, and build messages.


canDatabaseCreate handle to CAN database file
attributeInfoInformation about CAN database attributes
nodeInfoInformation about CAN database node
messageInfoInformation about CAN database messages
signalInfoInformation about signals in CAN message
valueTableTextLook up value of table text for signal
canMessageImport Import CAN messages from third-party log file
canSignalImportImport CAN log file into decoded signal timetables


can.Database PropertiesProperties of the can.Database object


Load .dbc Files and Create Messages

Access message and signal information in a CAN database.

View Message Information in a CAN Database

Look up information on message definitions.

View Signal Information in a CAN Message

Get signal definition information on a specific signal or all signals in a CAN message with database definitions attached.

Attach a CAN Database to Existing Messages

You can attach a database file to messages and apply the message definition defined in the database.

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