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Generate profiler plot





plot(profiler_object) generates a plot from the profiler data.

The Execution Profile plot shows the allocation of execution cycles across the four processors, indicated by the colored horizontal bars. The Code Execution Profiling Report lists the model sections. The numbers underneath the bars indicate the processor cores.


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Starts the profiler, stops the profiler, and retrieves results data. Calls plot on the results data. The real-time application dxpcmds6t is already loaded.

tg = slrt;
profiler_object = getProfilerData(tg);
Processing data, please wait ...

Input Arguments

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MATLAB® variable using which you can access the result of the profiler execution. You display the profiler data by calling the plot and report functions.

The structure has the following fields:

  • TargetName — Name of target computer in target computer settings.

  • ModelInfo — Information about model on which profiler ran:

    • ModelName — Name of real-time application.

    • MATLABRelease — MATLAB release under which model was built.

    • KernelStamp — Timestamp of target computer kernel build.

    • Display — Display mode of target computer kernel. One of Graphics and Text.

    • BootMode — Boot mode of target computer kernel. One of Normal and Standalone.

You can access the data in the profiler_object variable. To access the profiler data, before running the profiler, select All data for Save options for Workspace variable executionProfile in Configuration Parameters > Code Generation > Verification > Configuration Parameters. After running the profiler, use the technique described for the Sections function.

Introduced in R2017b