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Add target computer interface


settings_object = SimulinkRealTime.addTarget(target_name)



settings_object = SimulinkRealTime.addTarget(target_name) adds the definition for a new target computer, represented by the name target_name. It returns an object containing the settings for the target computer.


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Create a settings object representing target computer 'TargetPC2'.

settings_object = SimulinkRealTime.addTarget('TargetPC2')
Simulink Real-Time Target Settings

    Name                     : TargetPC2     

    TargetRAMSizeMB          : Auto      
    LegacyMultiCoreConfig    : on       
    USBSupport               : on       
    ShowHardware             : off       
    EthernetIndex            : 0             

    TcpIpTargetAddress       :                  
    TcpIpTargetPort          : 22222           
    TcpIpSubNetMask          :   
    TcpIpGateway             : 
    TcpIpTargetDriver        : Auto         
    TcpIpTargetBusType       : PCI          

    TargetScope              : Enabled    

    TargetBoot               : BootFloppy    
    BootFloppyLocation       :           

Input Arguments

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Example: 'TargetPC1'

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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Object containing target computer environment settings.

Data Types: struct

Introduced in R2014a