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Stop profiling service on target computer





stopProfiler(target_object) stops the profiler from running on the target computer.

If the profiler collected data, the data is available for download to the development computer.

If the profiler did not collect data, the profiler is ready to restart.

The amount of data collected is limited to 1GB. The profiler stops by itself when it reaches this limit.

If you stop execution of the real-time application with stop(tg), that action also calls stopProfiler(tg).


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Starts and stops the profiler. The real-time application is already running.

tg = slrt;

At this point, you must call either or

Input Arguments

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Object that represents the target computer. Before calling this function, make sure that you start the target computer with the Simulink® Real-Time™ kernel and apply the required Ethernet link settings.

Example: tg

Introduced in R2017b