Display TET monitor



example opens the task execution time (TET) monitor in the MATLAB session that is available for all Simulink Real-Time target objects. You can open the TET monitor at any time. Depending on the current state of connected target computers, the monitor displays TET data for each real-time application task or displays a message indicating the issue that prevents TET data display. Changes to the target computer state are updated in the TET monitor. The monitor displays these target states:

  • Waiting: Displays no TET data because no real-time application is executing.

  • Disabled: Displays no TET data because a real-time application is executing with TET monitoring disabled.

  • Active: Actively streams and displays TET data as a real-time application is executing.


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In the Inspect Simulink® Real-Time™ Data with Simulation Data Inspector example, use these added steps to display the TET monitor for the example.

After you open the xpcosc model, select the Configuration Parameters > Code Generation > Simulink Real-Time Options > Data logging options > Monitor Task Execution Time option.

Before you build the model and download it to the target computer, open the TET monitor. In the Command Window, enter:

When you run the real-time application, the TET monitor displays status.

Introduced in R2018a