Create xPCFileScope object with next available scope ID as key


public xPCFileScope Add()
public xPCFileScope Add(int ID)
public IList<xPCFileScope> Add(int[] arrayOfIDs)


Class: xPCFileScopeCollection Class


Namespace: MathWorks.xPCTarget.FrameWork

Syntax Language: C#

public xPCFileScope Add() creates xPCFileScope object with the next available scope ID as key. It then adds xPCFileScope object to xPCFileScopeCollection object.

public xPCFileScope Add(int ID) creates xPCFileScope object with ID as key. ID is 32-bit integer that specifies an ID for the scope object.

public IList<xPCFileScope> Add(int[] arrayOfIDs) creates an IList of xPCFileScope objects with an array of IDs as keys. arrayOfIDs is an array of 32-bit integers that specifies an array of IDs for scope objects.


Do not use this .NET API method. Support for this method relies on support for the .NET API, which will be removed in a future release.

Introduced in R2011b