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Simulink External Mode Interface

Use Simulink® in external mode to connect your Simulink block diagram to your real-time application. The block diagram becomes a user interface to the real-time application. By changing parameters in the Simulink blocks, you also change parameters in the real-time application.

The Simulink external mode interface includes the following functions:

  • Control — Control is limited to connecting the Simulink block diagram to the real-time application, and starting and stopping the real-time application.

  • Signal acquisition — You can use Simulink external mode to establish a communication channel between your Simulink block diagram and your real-time application. The block diagram becomes a user interface to your real-time application and Simulink scopes can acquire signal data from the real-time application.

  • Parameter tuning — Specify external mode, and change parameters in the real-time application by changing parameters in the Block Parameters dialog boxes. When you change a value and click OK, the new value is downloaded to the target computer while the real-time application continues to run.

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