IEEE 1588 Create Message

Pack a Precision Time Protocol message for transmission

  • Library:
  • Simulink Real-Time / IEEE 1588


Creates and packs an IEEE® 1588 message of a type specified by parameter Message type. Sends the message and the message length to the Data and Length outputs, respectively.

By default, IEEE 1588 Create Message creates a message at every sample time. If you select the Enable trigger port check box, IEEE 1588 Create Message creates a message at every sample time only when the trigger is true.

The PTP internal block descriptions are for informational purposes only. You cannot use these blocks by themselves in a model. The subsystem mask controls the block parameters. Do not edit the parameters directly.



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While Trigger is true, the block creates a message at every sample time.

When Enable trigger port is true, this input is visible.


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Message data in a uint8 array.

Message data length (double).


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Select the PTP message type to pack. Select one of Sync, Delay_Req, Pdelay_Req, Pdelay_Resp, Follow_up, Delay_Resp, Pdelay_Resp_Follow_up, and Announce.

For more information, see IEEE Std 1588-2008 Clause 7.3.3.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: message_type

Enter the base sample time or a multiple of the base sample time.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: sample_time

Selecting this check box makes input port Trigger visible.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: trigger_port

Introduced in R2015b