Video Display

Video Display block

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  • Simulink Real-Time / Displays and Logging

    Simulink Real-Time / Video / Video Utilities


When you add the Video Display block to your model, you can display an RGB video signal on the target computer. The signal can come from a USB Video webcam or a constant block.

The Image signal setting must match the Image signal setting for the camera output block.

There can be no more than two Video Display blocks in a model. The combined number of Video Display blocks and target scopes cannot exceed nine.


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  • One multidimensional signal

    One signal where each dimension contains color information. Selecting this option creates one port.

  • Separate color signals

    Multiple color signals where each signal contains the information for one color. Selecting this option creates three ports.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: imagesignal

Can only be RGB.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: colorspace

Introduced in R2014b