Label Properties

Graphical container for text

Use the Label graphical layout element to add text to the instrument layout.


Do not use this graphic instrument for instrument panel development. Support for this instrument relies on support for the .NET API, which will be removed in a future release. For alternatives to instrument panels in Simulink Real-Time Explorer, see Instrumentation Apps for Real-Time Applications.

To access the complete Properties list for an instrument or layout element, in the instrument panel, select the item. In the Properties list, to access a dialog box for a particular property group, click the group. To the right of the group, click the continuation button .

These properties represent a selection from the available properties. For more properties, see Graphical Properties.


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Type the label display text into the Text box.

Specifies left-to-right and top-to-bottom alignment with a 3x3 matrix.

This display represents setting TopLeft.


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When True, prevents accidental changes in size or location of the instrument instance.

Introduced in R2014a