Simulink Real-Time Performance Advisor Checks



Checks preconditions for real-time execution, and then measures its initial performance to establish a baseline.

System Target File Compatibility

Checks that the system target file is compatible with the real-time advisor workflow.

Profiling Settings

Checks that the execution profiling settings are compatible with the real-time advisor workflow.

Check Target

Pings the target computer and verifies that it is in a clean state.

Real-Time Performance Baseline

Collects execution-time measurements and establishes a performance baseline.

Determine minimum sample time

To determine the minimum sample time possible for the model, this check iteratively runs the model, decreasing the sample time on each run. The algorithm stops at a sample time that is greater than a sample time that can cause an overload.


Checks the real-time application and application setup, and recommends changes to improve performance.

Outport Logging

Checks for the use of Outport blocks for data logging. Data logging using Outport blocks can slow down execution.

EtherCAT Synchronous SDO

Checks for the use of EtherCAT Synchronous SDO blocks. EtherCAT Synchronous SDO blocks can slow down execution.

Concurrent execution

Checks if you can perform concurrent execution of the real-time application on a multicore target computer.

Final Validation

Validates the overall performance improvement that your changes make in real-time execution time and accuracy.

Use Performance Advisor checks to improve real-time application execution time. Performance Advisor runs the check and only provides recommendations. It does not modify your model.

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  1. Right-click the option text label.

  2. From the context menu, select What's This.

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