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Calibrate Real-Time Application

Simulink® Real-Time™ supports interaction with third-party calibration tools such as Vector CANape® ( and ETAS® Inca ( Use these tools for:

  • Parameter display and tuning

  • Calibration data saving, restoring, and swapping by page

  • Signal value streaming

These tools run in XCP master mode. Simulink Real-Time emulates an electronic control unit (ECU) operating in XCP slave mode. To enable a real-time application to work with the third-party software:

  • Configure the third-party software to communicate with the real-time application as an ECU.

  • Provide a standard TCP/IP physical layer between the development and target computers. Simulink Real-Time supports third-party calibration software only through TCP/IP.

  • Generate a real-time application with signal and parameter attributes that are consistent with A2L (ASAP2) file generation. See Export ASAP2 File for Data Measurement and Calibration (Simulink Coder).

  • Use the build process to generate model_slrt.a2l (ASAP2) files that the software can load into its database. The generated file contains signal and parameter access information for the real-time application and XCP-related sections and memory addresses.

    If your model includes referenced models, the build creates a model_slrt.a2l file for the real-time application and separate refmodel_slrt.a2l files for each referenced model.


You cannot configure third-party software for calibration with only the A2L files that Simulink Coder™ generates. These files do not contain XCP-related sections and memory addresses. Simulink Real-Time adds this information during the build process.

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