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Course Overview

Familiarize yourself with the course.


State Machines and Stateflow

Understand state machines and how to create them in Stateflow.


Creating State Charts

Learn how to create Stateflow charts.


Stateflow Symbols and Data

Understand Stateflow data and data scope.


Chart Actions

Control chart execution with actions.


Chart Execution

Learn about the relationship between Stateflow chart execution and Simulink.


Project: Robotic Vacuum

Model the supervisory control for a home vacuum robot.


Flow Charts

Use flow charts to model common logic patterns.


Functions in Stateflow

Improve chart readability and reuse code using functions.


Chart Hierarchy

Organize your charts using hierarchy.


Project: Robotic Vacuum Driving Modes

Model the driving modes for a home vacuum robot.

How to Get Started

R2019b and beyond:

  1. Launch MATLAB® and open Simulink®.
  2. Select Stateflow Onramp from the Simulink Start Page.

R2019a or prior:

  1. Download Stateflow R2019b if you already have a license or get a free trial.
  2. Select Stateflow Onramp from the Simulink Start Page.

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