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Raspberry Pi - Audio play, sample rate error.

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Deeapk Jangid
Deeapk Jangid on 25 Dec 2013
Answered: Murat Belge on 25 Feb 2014
I am designing a simulink model for Raspberry pi - 'To play audio file on Raspberry Pi'. I got this error Please help me with it.
Error reported by S-function 'alsa_audio_playback_sfcn' in 'trial111/ALSA Audio Playback': Sample rate of the signal connected to the input port is not consistent with the sample rate of 44100 Hz set on the block mask. This block requires 44100 samples per second for correct operation. You are supplying 100000 samples per second instead.

Answers (1)

Murat Belge
Murat Belge on 25 Feb 2014
The number of samples going into the block is higher than the block can accommodate. You have to change the sample time of the signal going into the ALSA Audio Playback block to match the 44100 samples per second.


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