Why am I unable to validate or use matlabpool or parpool with HPC?

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I set up and configured an MATLAB Parallel Server cluster that consists of Windows machines running HPC.  My client machine is using the built in profile for HPC  and I can validate all stages except matlabpool/parpool.
When running the validation test, I see the following error output:
Stage: Parallel pool test (parpool)
Status: Failed
Description:The validation stage encountered a MATLAB exception.
Command Line Output:(none)
Error Report:
The interactive communicating job errored with the following message: MatlabPoolPeerInstance{fUuid=b524f061-3dba-4299-aebe-63bd3a6455e3, fGroupUuid=823ea93c-df6a-4972-817c-594370e08154, fLabIndex=1, fNumberOfLabs=240} was unable to connect to xbx-bburling-05/ due to a JVM IOException: null
Debug Log:(none)

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 3 Dec 2020
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 3 Dec 2020
This error will occur if you do not have the necessary port range open on your client machine.  
On the client machine, where you will be submitting jobs from, you need to have the TCP port range 27370 through 27470 open. 
If you need to modify the port range that Parallel Computing Toolbox uses, please refer to this article:
NOTE: Starting in R2019a the following name changes occurred:
  •     MATLAB Distributed Computing Server was renamed to MATLAB Parallel Server
  •     mdce_def was renamed to mjs_def
  •     mdce binary was renamed to mjs

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