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Image intensity as a function of pattern strength

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Ron Meidan
Ron Meidan on 12 Sep 2021
Commented: Ron Meidan on 13 Sep 2021
Hi All
Attached are images of square wave gratings, a "barcode" and random noise. Please let us assume for the discussion, that all of the images have the same number of pixels and the same average luminance.
When we look at it, we can see stright away that the square wave gratings is most "patterns", the barcode has less initsirc order and the noise image is simply a noise.
I have tried several functions, but they keep showing that the noise image has the most clusters, and I also could not find a way to know how strong a pattern is in an image.
Many thanks
Ron Meidan
Ron Meidan on 13 Sep 2021
Hi Walter
The bars are just used as an example. As you mentioned the term "perfect", this is exactly what I was asking about. With our eyes, it is plain to see a perfect pattern, and I wondering if MATLAB could also tell how "perfect" an image is.
Many thanks

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Sep 2021
There are several attributes for each image. You can measure all of them and then decide which of them corresponds to the "strength" of the pattern. For example you can measure the mean and standard deviation. You can measure the number of black blobs. You can measure the area and solidity of each blob, etc. For example for the 3 with different size bars in them, are they all the same strength or not? If not what determines strength?
Perhaps this will help:

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