Using figure to change to fullscreen size then save it as png

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Hello everyone,
I will show my code first:
%% for loop
for m = 1:3
% antialiase
subplot(1,2,1),imshow(img); %plot image
% no antialiase
sgtitle(['Antialiase vs No Antialiase with resize factor ',num2str(resize_factor(m))]);
%print to file
This code works well. However, I would like to enlarge each figure to fullscreen size before saving. I am not sure how I should approach that.
I tried using figure(m) and then using the line below to enlarge it. However, that does not work.
figure('Position', get(0,'Screensize'));
Note that my goal is to open each figure, enlarge it and show the plot ( or show the plot then enlarge it) and finally save it as a .png file.

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 20 Oct 2021
Try the following for the figure you want to enlarge:
fig1 = figure(1);
fig1.WindowState = 'maximized';
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Zuhayer Anzum
Zuhayer Anzum on 20 Oct 2021
Yep, that worked for me.
Thank you.
I also should learn to read the documentation better, since it was mentioned there.

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