How do I save and restore the state data in a GUI?

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slumberk on 18 Feb 2011
Commented: Jan on 30 Aug 2017
Can a GUI save my data?
If it can, how can I make pushbuttons to do this? One button to save the data and another button to clear the data.
For example I have a figure with a uitable. The user will enter the data and he will want to save the data (by use of pushbutton1) and then he will want to insert a new data. This will require that he is able to clear the table first (by use of pushbutton2).
Can someone give me a tutorials or some guide about it please?

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 18 Feb 2011
Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 8 Mar 2011
Sorry, Paulo, you have to pay to listen to me yap on about MATLAB. Which is a scary thought.

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Kenneth Eaton
Kenneth Eaton on 18 Feb 2011
41 Complete GUI Examples from Matt Fig on the FEX should be helpful as well, specifically example GUI_41.m.
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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 18 Feb 2011
Those examples are really nice for anyone who is starting with GUIs.

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Francesco Scattarella
Francesco Scattarella on 30 Aug 2017
Edited: Francesco Scattarella on 30 Aug 2017
Hi, how can I do this with matlab2015b? I saved all the handles of my gui in a mat file, but when I load it, matlab open another figure. When I used the same code in matlab2012b I didn't have the same problem.
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Jan on 30 Aug 2017
Exactly. This is expected for the new HG2 graphics engine. Even loading a FIG file by load(File, '-mat') creates a figure. But saving the handles does not seem to be useful at all. These handles exist only as long as the figure is open. Then you can address them directly. Storing them in a MAT file cannot solve any problem. But perhaps you want to save the contents of the objects with these handles? Then you can store a cell of the 'String' and 'Value' properties together with the Tag of the uicontrol. Perhaps the contents of axes also?

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