How to If certain number is in one column, record another number in another column

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Sojung Youn
Sojung Youn on 8 Dec 2021
Commented: Sojung Youn on 9 Dec 2021
I am very new to matlab and trying to learn how to code my project, any help would be much appreciated.
Currently, I am trying to code a script that if there is one number already avaliable at one column, it would put the other number in the other column. For example, I am trying to get number 0, 1 randomly coded in to column 2 and 3. If there is a 0 on column 2, I would like to have 1 on column 3 and vice versa. So it would look something like this.
A = [ 1 0 1
2 1 0
3 1 0
4 0 1 ]
I managed to get the 0 and 1 randomly distrbuted on column 2, but I am having trouble with putting the numbers in for column 3.
Would anyone know an effiecnt way to do it?
Below is the code that I was trying to use.
Datafile(:,2) = mod(reshape(randperm(96*1), 96, 1), 2) %the 96 is there becuase I just have 96 rows
Datafile(96:3) =0
if Datafile(:,2) == 0
Datafile(:,4) = 1
Many thanks!

Accepted Answer

Voss on 8 Dec 2021
If the value in the second column is x, then the value of the fourth column should be 1-x. This is true because 1-0=1 and 1-1=0. (If you need to do a similar thing with numbers other than 0 and 1, a similar linear transform can be found: if column 2 is x, an element from {a,b}, then column 4 is (a+b)-x. thus, a->b and b->a.)
Datafile(:,2) = mod(reshape(randperm(96*1), 96, 1), 2);
% Datafile(96:3) =0; % btw, this line has no effect because 96:3 is an empty array
% Datafile(:,3) = 0; % do this to initialize the third column to all zeros, but even this is unnecessary because
Datafile(:,4) = 1-Datafile(:,2); % this line will put the fourth column in place (filling in the third with zeros if it's not there aleady)

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