remove grid lines completely

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I want to remove grilines completely. I just have the .fig file

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Jan 2022
filename = 'something.fig';
fig = openfig(filename);
ax = findobj(fig, 'type', 'axes');
set(ax, 'XGrid', 'off', 'YGrid', 'off', 'ZGrid', 'off', 'XMinorGrid', 'off', 'YMinorGrid', 'off', 'ZMinorGrid', 'off');
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Abhijit Sardar
Abhijit Sardar on 25 Jan 2022
This actually works. Thank you so much

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 25 Jan 2022
After opening the figure, you can type the following assuming there is only one axes on the figure:
grid off
grid(gca,'off') %The first input target the axes. gca stands for get current axes.
Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 25 Jan 2022
See Walter's answer. His answer works for multiple axes.

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