Real Time Plotting of IMU data

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Haris Bin Yousaf
Haris Bin Yousaf on 23 Mar 2022
Answered: Ryan Salvo on 8 Sep 2022
Hey I want to plot real time sensor data for IMU sensor (accelration, angular velocity and mangnetometer) data. I thought of applying the infinite loop for this but that would give me sort of certain error/lag in determining the values on real time. Is there any other method of doing so?
I would be thankful if you would give me some sort of direction or code snippet.

Answers (1)

Ryan Salvo
Ryan Salvo on 8 Sep 2022
Hi Haris,
I recommend using the timescope object to plot the data. In MATLAB, it is recommended to use a loop to read in the data, the example Estimating Orientation Using Inertial Sensor Fusion and MPU-9250 shows how to read IMU data.


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